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Mikaella Chrysostomou


Hi! I'm Mikaella, and I'm the CEO of HPF.

I'm a medical student at the University of Cyprus, and also I'm a member of the Laboratory team in Experimental Pharmacology headed by Dr Nikolaos Dietis.

My passion lies in finding innovative solutions to healthcare challenges. I've been a member of the scientific community since high school, and I love working with people who share my passion for science.

Last year, I attended Beyond Pre-Accelerator Training organised by Junior Achievement Cyprus, a program which aims to find innovative solutions to healthcare challenges.

And beyond that, we built our own startup, HPF, which aims to improve the daily lives of cancer patients and support the effort for personalized medical care through telemedicine. Our team consists of seven people, who are passionate about building technology to solve problems. We are from different backgrounds (Medicine, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship) and have diverse interests, but all of us share the same passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. We believe that personalized treatment is key to treating pain effectively; technological advances will make it possible to improve patient pain management and reduce costs by providing better care more efficiently than ever before.

Apart from the team, we contacted a number of doctors and experts who have been in the field for a long time and asked them about their experience with treating pain, what they think about current methods, and what problems they face on a daily basis. We got to know that there are many patients who suffer from chronic pain, especially cancer patients, but it is very difficult to measure pain accurately. Modern medicine has effective solutions for them, and opioids are one of the most commonly used drugs. But unfortunately, it is an addictive drug and also leads to many problems. So, we decided to create a new solution that will make pain management more effective and safe for patients.

HPF won the competition SINN2022 (Students Innovators 2022) held by the Center of Entrepreneurship, University of Cyprus. This award means a lot to us as it gives us the opportunity to showcase our products, and further our research and turn our vision into reality.

We are grateful for the support we received from the Junior Achievement Cyprus, the Center of Entrepreneurship and the University of Cyprus who gave their time and effort to coach us through this process.

Mikaella Chrysostomou
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