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For a more personalized palliative care



  • Detect opiorphin levels in the patients’ saliva.

  • Opiorphin: an endogenous chemical compound with a great painkilling effect

  • Opiorphin levels in human saliva correspond to the levels of pain

  • Data transferred and analyzed by the app.

Reliefant App


  • Record opiorphin levels (opio-pop)

  • Track breakthrough pain episodes

  • Track chronic pain (Pain Dairy)

  • Log medications and medications' side effects

  • Medical team with telephones

  • Emergency call number

  • Guidance for pain management

Stage-Two-HPF-Presentation (4).png
Easy access to patients’ pain data.png

Web Portal


  • Opiorphin levels

  • Breakthrough pain episodes

  • Chronic pain

  • Medications' side effects



  • Medicine (Drugs & Dosage/Time)

  • Medical Team

  • Guidance for pain management

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