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My name is Mikaella, and I'm the CEO of HPF

Our team is innovating in the field of pain management and personalized treatment by introducing the Reliefant, an app beyond pain, and developing a device,the opio-pop, that will detect opiorphin (pain biomarker) levels in the patients’ saliva. 

We aim to improve the daily lives of cancer patients and support the effort for personalized medical care through telemedicine.

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objective perspective of pain

The subjective pain scales that doctors are using so far can be replaced with Opiopop - measuring the levels of opiorphin in patients’ saliva which corresponds to the objective pain a patient feels.


The use of Opiopop can help the palliative-care doctor to adjust the doses of the analgesic treatment according to the patient’s objective level of pain.

Telemedicine Solution

The patient can directly communicate with the doctor from home every time they experience pain, with just the tap of a button in our app, Reliefant.


Measuring tha objective pain, the patient can see the actual level of pain and realise the need of using opioids, overcoming any fear of opioid use which is usual among cancer patients.

Our Products

Our journey

19-20 October 2022

Stage Two Competition, Berlin

Stage Two is the largest pan-European competition for the best startups spinning out of leading universities.

October 2022 - Present

Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition 2022

The Cyprus entrepreneurship competition (CyEC) is a business plan competition designed to help early-stage entrepreneurs transform their ideas into world-changing companies. Participants will have the unique opportunity to develop their ideas, grow their business skills and network through a series of carefully designed workshops by local and international partners, mentoring sessions, and networking events.

13 April 2022

Students Innovators Competition 2022, Cyprus

The Student Innovators (SINN) is the University of Cyprus student competition featuring early-stage business ideas! Student teams are invited to present creative ideas and solutions for challenging problems with an impact on the economy and/or society in a 5-minute “pitch” to a panel of judges and the audience.

The competition is a part of a broader effort of the University of Cyprus to train a steady stream of graduates with activities that increase their employability and enterprise ability and is organized every year by the Centre for Entrepreneurship (C4E) and the Department of Business and Public Administration University of Cyprus.

October 2021 - May 2022

JA Beyond Pre-Accelarator, Cyprus

Beyond Pre-Accelerator is an educational and practical programme aimed at helping participants go through the entire entrepreneurial process, from generating business ideas related to healthcare to creating an MVP (minimum viable product).

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Nicosia, Cyprus


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